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Blood Sugar Stabilizer!
Gluco Guardian 1 Bottle

Gluco Guardian 1 Bottle

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Tired Of Giving Into Cravings, Struggling To Lose Weight, Or...Feeling Tired, Cranky, And Sluggish Every Day? Revealed Below:

How To Kick Cravings To The Curb, Help Your Body Burn Fat, And Fight Back Against Deadly Diseases

This one simple trick can rapidly increase your overall energy, ignite your metabolism, ush stored up fat, and promote reduced risk of heart attacks, stroke, and more! Keep reading to discover how easy it is...

Dear Friend,

I have some very GOOD news if any of the following sounds familiar:

Are your plans to eat healthy and lose weight often derailed by cravings and late night refrigerator raids, despite trying your best?

Do you give into those cravings, only to have them come back a few hours later...reasoning with yourself why “just one more time” will be ok?

When it comes to your ENERGY levels...

Do you often nd yourself wishing you could sneak in a nap, relying instead on sweets...caffeine...or choking down energy “potions” to make it through your busy day?

If so, please pay close attention because what I’m going to share right now will help to: 


Banish Cravings, Dump Stored Fat, Defend Against Deadly Diseases, And Sail Through Each Day With Energy To Spare!

If I told you you could improve your energy, mood, and ip an internal fat-burning switch to start losing more weight in a few hours...

And set yourself up for longer-term benets like promoting less risk of heart attacks, strokes, diabetes, and even some forms of cancer...

You’d probably think it’s magic. 

Or that you’d have to beg your Doctor for some “wonder drug” prescription...

But thanks to cutting-edge science (and an ever-growing stream of medical research to back it all up)...

I’m happy to tell you these results are very possible, TODAY, by making one SIMPLE change:

The secret?

All you need to do is take charge of your blood sugar levels...

Please don’t fool yourself into thinking this doesn’t apply to you, because...

Here’s Why Everyone Needs To Manage Their Blood Sugar, Not Just Diabetics Or Those With “Bad Genetics”...

Your blood sugar is your body’s main source of fuel... AND:

It plays a CRITICAL role in your overall tness and well-being, triggering your body to burn stored fat, balancing your hormones, and increasing your metabolism to accelerate weight loss.

At any given time, your blood sugar level reects how much glucose from what you ate is circulating in your bloodstream.

If you’re getting too much glucose, it creates high blood sugar levels, which your body stores as fat.

The BIG PROBLEM Is When Your Blood Sugar Levels SPIKE And Too Much Insulin Is Released:

Insulin is released to bring your blood sugar levels back down to normal...BUT:

When your sugar goes up too rapidly, your body only knows there is a SPIKE it needs to control and will often create too much insulin...

When that happens?

By the time your body registers it doesn’t need as much insulin as it just made...it’s too late and your blood sugar levels come crashing down...

That’s What Causes Us To Feel Tired, Grumpy, And Hungry ALL OVER Again!

It’s what some medical professionals call the “Blood Sugar Rollercoaster”...

And if you’re still not sure whether your blood sugar levels are often imbalanced and need help...

Take a look at these...

7 Signs YOU Are Stuck On The “Blood Sugar Roller Coaster”:

Please, for the sake of your health, answer the question below HONESTLY:

Do any of these symptoms of imbalanced blood sugar seem familiar?

Cravings (especially for sweets)...

Drowsiness during the day, even on a full night’s sleep...

Poor concentration (“brain fog”)...

Difculty losing weight or increased fat storage...

Irritability and mood swings...


Or even addictions to caffeinated drinks and/or alcohol and cigarettes?

Look Familiar? There’s Good News And Bad News...

You may write off those symptoms as not being a big deal, something you have to deal with as you get older, or even “normal”...

And these days, with so many people going through the exact same struggles, you’d almost be right...

The bad news is, these problems are your body’s cry for help and FAR from being normal...

And you absolutely MUST do something now to balance things out...

The good news is, I’m going to show you exactly how to do it...

In the quickest, easiest, and safest way possible.

First, let me ask you another important question:

Did You Know The Average American Consumes More Than 1 POUND Of Refined Sugar In A WEEK?

Think about it:

These days, sugar has over 257 different names and varieties...

From popular types such as Dextrose, Fructose, Glucose, Cane, Granulated, and so on...

To less-known versions hiding in plain sight on ingredient labels under names like Dextrin, Disaccharides, Inulin (another name for high fructose corn syrup), Lactose...

It’s HARD to keep track!

And unfortunately, food companies are cramming them into virtually ALL processed foods to make us feel hooked, hungry, and happy.

Even in surprising stuff like ketchups, salad dressings, peanut butter, “healthy” sports drinks, protein bars, etc.

Just like a drug, you become addicted.

You even have the EXACT same parts of the brain that light up as when someone does drugs (like cocaine)...

Which is exactly why if you try to ignore your cravings and deprive yourself of that pleasurable release of dopamine in your brain, or detox from sugar completely...

You start feeling miserable, sick, and cranky...just like withdrawal from addictive drugs!

The Bitter Truth: All This Refined Sugar Does A LOT More Than Make You Fatter...

According to the American Dietetic Association AND The Diabetic Association, increased sugar consumption is the leading cause of degenerative diseases...



Heart attacks...


Manic depression...

Colon and pancreatic cancer..

Skin problems...

Type 2 diabetes...

Hair loss...

And the list goes on.

The Good News: You Can Rapidly Regain Control Of Your Blood Sugar Levels, Improve Your Health, And Lose More Weight Starting TODAY!

At Jaylab Pro, we’ve already helped hundreds of thousands of customers improve all sorts of areas of their health...

If you’re reading this report, chances are you’re one of them.

For years, we’ve focused a lot on weight management and tness...

But after seeing just how bad this sugar problem has become, and knowing how difcult it can be to lose weight and accomplish tness goals because of it...

We’ve spent a lot of time researching the fastest, safest, and most effective NATURAL nutrients for blood sugar control...

We’ve combed through years worth of medical research...

And looked at all of the existing blood sugar management products to see what they’re lacking...

And we challenged our team of formulators to nd a way to bring all of this information together to create the BEST blood sugar product to date...

Did they deliver? Absolutely!

And what they came up with was:

A Unique Blend Of 14 Potent Natural Ingredients, Guaranteed To Promote Healthier Blood Sugar Levels!

Introducing: GlucoGuardian

And make no mistake:

Even though there are a lot of nutrients included in GlucoGuardian, we didn’t skimp on a single one of them...

You get exactly what you need start guarding your blood sugar levels, and experience the many health benets that come as a result.

For example...



With GlucoGuardian, You Can Finally:

> Erase Cravings. Instead of giving into cravings that create too much insulin and make your sugar levels crash and restart the cycle all over again, you’ll experience less overall cravings and hunger.

> Dump Stored Fat And Ignite Your Metabolism. By keeping your blood sugar levels in check, you’ll signal your body to release stored fat, consistently burn sugar as fuel, and improve your metabolism.

> Promote less risk of heart attack, stroke, type 2 diabetes, certain cancers, and more. As you’ve already seen, letting your sugar levels get out of control is like painting a bulls-eye on your body for degenerative diseases to strike. Now you can help your body protect itself.

> Boost Energy And Stamina. By keeping your blood sugar in check, you’ll experience less crashes and have an abundance of continuous energy as a result.

> Sharpen Memory And Focus. In numerous studies, researchers found those with a long history of high blood sugar levels performed poorly on memory and recall tests. Keeping blood sugar levels steady promotes stronger mental performance.

> Add More Years Of High-Quality Living. Whose life wouldn’t be improved and increased by having more energy, less stubborn fat, and less risk of deadly diseases?

You Get 14 Proven Nutrients Formulated Into One Powerful Blood Sugar Balancing Solution:

Blood Sugar Balancer #1: Cinnamon

Diabetics have been using cinnamon for years as a natural way to control blood sugar levels. Studies show that cinnamon – in healthy, pre-diabetics, and diabetics – may lower blood sugar levels in the body.

Blood Sugar Balancer #2: Gymnema Sylvestre 

Native to the tropical forests of India and Sri Lanka, this herb yields a very sweet taste when chewed raw. 

Its power for promoting healthy blood sugar levels fall in its ability to activate beta cells in the pancreas. 

Some studies suggest this powerful herb may also help increase the production of insulin, therefore lowering your blood sugar levels.

Blood Sugar Balancer #3: Banaba 

This ancient blood sugar balancer has been used in the Philippines for centuries as a treatment for diabetes. 

Studies show Banaba contains a potent chemical – corosolic acid – which could prevent the breakdown of sucrose (sugar) in the body, effectively lowering blood sugar levels.

Blood Sugar Balancer #4: Bitter Melon 

Studies show bitter melon may improve the production and secretion of insulin, perfect for supporting your body in balancing blood sugar.

Blood Sugar Balancer #5: Guggul 

This potent tree resin does double-duty for your health, because it’s primarily been used to lower cholesterol AND has shown potential to decrease plasma insulin levels and improve your glucose tolerance.

Blood Sugar Balancer #6: Chromium Picolinate 

Shown to help shatter insulin resistance and improve glucose (sugar) metabolism.

Blood Sugar Balancer #7: Licorice Extract 

Not to be confused with the candy, licorice extract has been shown to reduce blood sugar as well as reduce sugary cravings

Studies show it may also reduce blood sugar levels, insulin levels, and fat levels in people with metabolic syndrome.

Blood Sugar Balancer #8: Yarrow 

Studies with diabetics show Yarrow may lower elevated blood sugar and preserve glycogen levels. Additional research suggests it may also reduce oxidative stress in the pancreas.

Blood Sugar Balancer #9: Cayenne Pepper 

Got this in your kitchen already?

Cayenne has been used for years to ignite weight loss. 

One study showed that a meal with a mix of carbohydrates and capsaicin (an active component of chili peppers) lowered both blood sugar AND plasma insulin levels. 

This lowering effect is thought to be due to the ability of cayenne to increase the tissue’s sensitivity to insulin

Blood Sugar Balancer #10: Juniper Berry 

Used for a number of different ailments and conditions for many years. 

Studies show this potent berry may increase the utilization of sugar by your tissue and increase the body’s natural insulin response and sensitivity.

Blood Sugar Balancer #11: Huckleberry 

Proven in studies as benecial for controlling blood sugar. 

In fact, one study showed that huckleberry—also referred to as bilberry—was able to slow digestion of starches, therefore lowering blood sugar. 

PLUS, it may reduce the insulin response after eating a high starchy meal.

Blood Sugar Balancer #12: Vanadyl Sulfate 

Research has found this nutrient to positively impact blood sugar levels by promoting reduced insulin and fasting blood sugar levels.

Blood Sugar Balancer #13: Alpha Lipoic Acid 

A powerful antioxidant, Alpha Lipoic Acid (ALA) works to prevent cell damage that may occur in your body. 

Studies show this antioxidant may improve insulin sensitivity, therefore allowing more uptake of sugar by your cells.

Blood Sugar Balancer #14: L-Taurine  

When it comes to blood sugar maintenance, studies show that L-taurine helps by enhancing the uptake of glucose by red blood cells on the body.

Just one capsule of GlucoGuardian with a meal, twice a day, and soon you’ll start to experience all of the benets we discussed today when it comes to keeping your blood sugar levels healthy.

Supply and demand are a very serious reality...

We could easily run out of GlucoGuardian at any time...

That’s why this specic offer will not be Guaranteed forever...

If you choose to leave this page and come back at a later date, the price could easily change at any time...

That’s why you absolutely MUST order today to guarantee the best possible savings.

Plus, as always, every bottle you order is protected by our...

60-Day Money Back Guarantee!

So go ahead and place your order right now...

If the quality and results of GlucoGuardian don’t live up to its reputation.

Or if you don’t see and feel the results you expect from taking it within 60 days...

Simply contact our friendly customer care department for a PROMPT and courteous refund.

We’ll make it hassle-free.

Because we want to show you GlucoGuardian can work for you, and make it as easy as possible for you to try it.

And with this risk-free guarantee in place...

You NEVER Risk A Penny Of Your Own Money!

Sound fair to you?

If so, don’t wait any longer...

Order your risk-free supply of GlucoGuardian right now.

Once you select your order, we’ll immediately process your order and rush it to your door!

Here’s how to order:

1. Scroll down to the secure order form below...

2. Click the Add To Cart button next to the option that best suits you... 

3. Select any Add-On packages then click the Proceed To Secure Checkout button.

4. You’ll enter your billing and shipping into the secure order form...

5. Click the order button on the Secure Order Form to place your order...

That’s it!

After you’re nished, we’ll take care of everything else for you and process your order right away.

So go ahead now and click the Order Now button to get started and we’ll see you on the other side:

Need help or want to order over the phone? No problem! Just give us a call at 1-888-943-8776.

 To Your Strength And Health,

Jayson Hunter, RD, CSCS

JayLab Pro



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